The operation hydra collection

the operation hydra collection

The operation hydra collection

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Guide Index. What is this all about? How to upgrade the Operation Hydra coin from bronze to silver, gold and diamond. Hydra Events. Final Words. Are you looking for a Coop-Partner? The Operation Hydra coin is upgraded by earning Operation stars. You will get one star for every XP you earn.

You will be able earn Guardian XP for fulfilling missions of the Hydra campaign and earn up to 7 Stars this way. There is no limit of missions you can fulfill per day, so the more you play the faster you will rank up. Since you only need 5 out of 7 Guardian Stars to get Silver you could do the red missions first in order to get the Guardian XP needed for Silver with the least missions played.

Event XP is earned for participating in Hydra Events. You will be able to get the additional 18 Stars this way. You will be limited to one uprank a week XP. The Operation Hydra Coin Bronze. The Operation Hydra Coin Silver.

The Operation Hydra Coin Gold. The Operation Hydra Coin Diamond. Operation Hydra rotates through a series of events every week. Wingman and Weapons Expert are queued competitive modes with their own skill groups. War Games is a collection of casual modificators. Wingman is a competitive best-of 2on2 game mode on single bombsite maps. In Weapon Expert gamemode you will be playing a 5on5 best-of competitive match but you can buy each weapon only once.

Here is the inofficial event agenda of Operation Hydra: Update 21th September : The Operation got extended until November 13th Here is the inofficial extended event agenda of Operation Hydra: Event maps. Until when does the operation run? I want to play campaign mission with my friend. Does he need to own an operation pass? Will I get more XP if I fulfill all missions? Have fun! And if you like this guide comment it and give it five stars. Leave a comment on my profile if you want to translate a guide to an other language.

I thank everyone that contributed. The operation is over. Itt looks like a well-crafted Rorshach Ink Blot with color. This P90 can evoke goosebumps thanks to the eerie and pale hands reaching for each other. The odd hand formations suggests death to whoever mishandles or misjudges the 50 clip sub-machine gun.

The Red Rock on this P is a badge on the handle that contains a pyramid engraved into what seems to be a star. The Woodsman has no appealing features that make it stand out among the 17 other skins in this case. The woodland digital camouflage on the handle is a nice touch to this sub-par pistol showcase. The dark blue and gray waves throughout are perfect for adding unique and vibrant foil stickers. A blue schematic grid covers every inch of the Counter-Terrorist starter pistol except for the barrel.

Pink yet dim Hawaiian flowers complete the main rectangular body of this Terrorist weapon. This MAC will have you serenely singing ukulele tunes to yourself on second round force buys. Another black and white pistol has been introduced to the Terrorist side, but in the form of the Tec-9 instead of the usual Glock The contrasting finish on the barrel contains a mix of flowers, leaves, and vines.

The Macabre displays a deathly hallow design thanks to its numerous skulls and desert-like grains. This morbid rifle appears similar to an arid desert digital camouflage can blend well with Terrorists.

The operation hydra collection почему tor browser не открывает сайты gydra

CS:GO - HYDRA Case Opening!

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